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tv   Headline News  RT  August 20, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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it's. the british government goes all out to block revelations on mass surveillance as the paper that first published the snowden leaks says it has been forced to destroy its trove of data. scandals continue to unfold around the u.s. national security agency and its surveillance practices will look at how a once low key organization responsible for cold making and cold breaking has become so powerful. turkey's prime minister claims he has evidence that israel was behind the coup in egypt where the resulting chaos has claimed almost a thousand lives and crippled vital industries. i am a human tide of desperation as tens of thousands of kurdish refugees fleeing across iraqi border as their homes in syria are targeted by al-qaeda linked rebels.
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to seven pm in moscow you're watching r t i'm marina joshie welcome to the program . now the british government's attempts to stem the tide of articles of mass surveillance have gone beyond intimidating the journalist behind the publications just a day after glenn going once bland greenwald's rather partner was detained at heathrow airport the guardian's adductor came forward describing how the authorities pressured the newspaper to destroy the documents provided by a c. leaker edward snowden the u.k. government has reportedly confirmed the move was sanctioned by the prime minister himself to us or silly as in london with the details according to the editor of the guardian newspaper alan rusbridger he had written. it would happen over a period of two months that he was approached by officials that claimed to
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represent the views of the prime minister and had demanded the surrender or the destruction of all the information that they had on the documents and data that edward snowden had given to the guardian so in those subsequent meetings that he had with the so-called security experts or officials rusbridger had said that he was exploiting the job of the guarded that they needed that information to continue doing their jobs and to which these officials apparently had told him quote do you have your fun and that we want the stuff back and you've had your debate there's do we need to write anymore and that is how those two security experts had ended up in the basement of the guardian offices right behind me overseeing the destruction of some of the computers and hard drives in the office now this was written by the editor just a day after david miranda the partner of glenn greenwald of the guardian a journalist that had first written about it though say and it's a global surveillance information he was detained miranda was detained at heathrow airport for about nine hours questioned by about six agents now he was detained
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under such a schedule seven of the terrorism act two thousand that this allows the police to basically detain anyone for up to nine i was a question that but miranda had told the b.b.c. that he was not actually ask questions about terrorism but in fact questions about the activities. of guardian journalists with regard to and they say stories he also talked about what exactly happened at that detention they were threatening me all the time in saying i would be putin jail if i didn't cooperate they treated me like i was a criminal or someone about to attack the u.k. it was exhausting and frustrating i knew i wasn't doing anything wrong so there's already been an outcry from politicians understandably journalists but also from the independent reviewer of the terrorism the legislation here in the u.k. he said he wanted to get to the bottom of this said david anderson also said he wanted the briefing from the home office and scotland yard as far as the home office is concerned and they said that david miranda possessed highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism and also be challenged those critics
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to think about condoning the leaking of the sensitive documents now let's get more insight on this so from gavin macfadyen director for the center of investigative journalism from city university thanks very much for joining us but first of all let's comment on what actually took place at the guardian offices where you had hard drives and computers destroyed what do you make of this kind of action from the government well it's very forceful it's you know of a country where they would smash it up and smash the people up here they tend to be very polite so it was all done in a rather gentlemanly sort of way but with the force of the state the full force of the state was behind everything they said and so nobody was going to disagree with it understandable that journalists would be upset by this but the government seems to believe that they are justified in their actions that they have the right to do so and that they are in the right saying that the police have a duty to protect protect the public but actual security security or an obligation if they want to protect the public to tell the public what it is they're protecting
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them from a generalized statement about terrorism in general doesn't really do the trick you've got to be able to say well the information he's got wouldn't be sure the public for the following reasons you've got to have reasons for it no such reasons have been advanced so that no questions were asked about. they were only asked about the guardian about the journalism issues so you are working for the center of investigative journalism and many commentators have talked about the impact this will have on the investigations what do you think will happen perhaps quite the opposite that more people would want to investigate yeah it'll be a chilling effect if for example somebody goes to prison as a result of this or of the respiratory himself is arrested which is extremely unlikely must be said has said in the paper this morning that he has withheld information that he had me in fear of the national security state and the implications of that material so he's taking quite a safe course here not a radical one at all. but the issue is quite profound in terms of journalism as
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a whole because it's going to encourage a great deal but not so much from journalists it's going to encourage it from whistleblowers exactly the people that they don't want to encourage are going to be encouraged by oldest the journalists themselves will be frightened as they always are of everything but the whistleblowers have considerable courage and i think you can expect some extraordinary announcements probably in the next two or three weeks thank you very much for your thoughts there so as we continue to follow this a developing story it does give us a glimpse of perhaps how far it appears that the british government is willing to go in terms of stopping that reporting on n.s.a. and global surveillance and getting hold of those documents and i had contacted the g.c. h.q. today and they said they are aware of the story in the guardian but have no comment to make. well let's further discuss what implications this could have for reporters with freelance journalist tony ghosla and he joins me now live from bristol tony thank you so much for joining us here on r.t. well we often hear about the juror was being intimidated for the work they're doing
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in other countries but britain has so far maintain a reputation of having a press freedom so is this about to change. well it's already sliding isn't it i think we've seen over the last few months particularly since this snowden revelation that there are divided loyalties i mean particularly the problem particularly being that we've had. this revelation that actually the pentagon were involved in this decision to make this arrest of david miranda i mean horrendous situation to being where he's got no access to a lawyer sort of extrajudicial area in the transit lounge at heathrow airport and so it seems to me that the police who do the arresting heathrow should be thinking about who pays their wages is it the british taxpayer or is it the pentagon. well let's take a look at the situation are the guardian editor in chief has found himself in i mean and his revelation specifically is that fish will force him to destroy the
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n.s.a. data could he have reacted differently and what would have been the apple implications of that. well it's extremely difficult for the editor of a big newspaper like the guardian to take these people on because they do with a lawyer on them for comments and stories as well so this is what i mean we just heard about the chilling effect this is really important for the public to understand when something like this arrest of david miranda takes place the effect is that it actually discourages our newspapers and our other journalists from doing their work particularly when you've got police going into situations like like happened on sunday where they're taking someone long detention not only are specific bits of information being taken but we have to ask the question what is the story that would be going around the world today if they had those arrests of course they're using the terrorism act to do this cruel several of the terrorism act and we have to ask ourselves is this person actually really
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a terrorist and this was this what the legislation was originally passed for now if we don't have healthy throwing use papers and investigative journalism prepared to ask the difficult questions of our security services we're moving closer and closer towards a police state here in britain well let's now talk about the protection of journalists and what sort of legally can be done to protect i mean the guardian says that it's been doing most of its reporting in adding on the n.s.a. scandal from new york and not from london why is that i mean does that mean that u.s. laws protect journalists better than u.k. last. well you're absolutely right it's in the u.s. constitution the protection of the right for the pre-press we don't have such a thing here in britain i mean all we've relied on really is the good will of the establishment over the years to make sure that we do have a free press and also plural press that is to say lots of different voices lots of different outlets and lots of different editors. i mean this is putting that under
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threat isn't it one by one the bravest the most outspoken of the people i mean literally these are the public's eyes and ears they're being stopped they're being covered by the by the police in doing doing things like this let's remember what this is all about in the first place there's never lose sight of that what's been going on here by the n.s.a. q is the biggest illegal fishing operation in history massive amounts of data of personal private data of individuals innocent have done nothing wrong has been being illegally collected by these organizations and we need to know why who's done that my personal opinion is the people behind it who authorized it should go to jail. all right tony thank you so much for your views there tony gosling investigative journalist talking to us from the u.k. . well so far the n.s.a. leaks and the media attention don't seem to have had any impact on the agency's surveillance practices president obama has promised more oversight but not less snooping arches lucic often have looks at how the organization became so powerful
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inside america's national security agency i was she rolls her overstepped its legal authority the n.s.a. is a big scary surveillance monster that knows everything we do propelled to mainstream news headlines by controversy the n.s.a. is still largely shrouded in mystery and now headquartered in the fort meade army base in maryland trumps even the cia as america's most secretive intelligence agency now the n.s.a. doesn't have spies out in the field instead there are more than thirty five thousand employees who pore over e-mails computer searches phone calls and personal data and while it's by laws state the n.s.a. is only to conduct foreign intelligence the agency has taken a massive turn toward spying at home but the n.s.a. wasn't always so intent on spying on americans it began under a different name in the one nine hundred thirty s. as a secret cryptologic service that broke foreign enemy codes in wartime the attack on pearl harbor pushed america to take intelligence more seriously in the world more
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to the agency's missions including to slice ring communications from both nazi germany and the japanese navy and to encrypt american messages but then came the cold war. people who were. grieving there. and with the cold war the formal birth of the n.s.a. in one nine hundred fifty two president truman authorized the creation of the agency to coordinate communications intelligence the spy center was so secret at the time the joke was the initial stood for no such agency decades before the agency was collecting massive amounts of phone and internet records it was collecting telegraph records in an. operation that raised similar legal issues and worries about the lack of oversight in fact its existence wasn't even publicly acknowledged by the government until the one nine hundred seventy s. the watergate scandal brought america's don't must explain to light what. counterintelligence object. was it you were cheating in opening the mail what most
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of us would assume to be very patriotic. americans in one nine hundred seventy five event senator frank church had warned that the n.s.a. spying powers could come to haunt american citizens capability at any time could be turned around on the american people. and no american would have any privacy left such as the capability to monitor everything telephone conversations telegrams it doesn't matter. there would be no place to high in one nine hundred seventy eight the government passed the foreign intelligence surveillance act forced the n.s.a. to get warrants from special courts before it could spy within the u.s. but with the fall of the soviet union the n.s.a. is mission seemed less urgent but nine eleven which changed everything terrorism became target number one the n.s.a. would get a big budget manumission president bush would go on to sign an order launching the n.s.a.'s domestic spying program and telecom companies were secretly approached by
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the government and asked to participate in two thousand and six it was revealed that the n.s.a. had been secretly collecting the phone call records of tens of millions of americans using data provided by a.t.m. tea horizon and bell south the n.s.a. had been tapping into people's lives well since then scandal after scandal would keep the n.s.a. in the spotlight what began as a small organization responsible for making and breaking codes would evolve into a super secret multibillion dollar agency with a capacity to pry into every aspect of americans lives and as edward snowden's leaks would eventually show at his person i slowly what it did. t. moscow. i just as our affiliate is in london following the twists and turns surrounding the paper that published the n.s.a. leaks all her obviates are in twitter. a massive stream of refugees from syria has crossed the border were almost thirty thousand people have been on the run from the
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war zone since thursday most of them are kurdish women and children who had to leave after their homes were attacked by islamist rebels a link till caught up as falsely or now reports it's another sign that the conflict can be contained within syria. the exodus shows no signs of slowing down and it's straining both very resources as well as those of iraqi relief agencies thousands of syrian kurds are pouring into iraq's autonomy kurdish region now when we talk about the kurds we're talking about the largest minority group in syria they make up roughly about ten percent of the country's twenty three million they have no state of their own which is why they reside in parts of syria turkey and iraq the main concern that is being expressed by would be fakin seizes that so many of them are now stuck out in the open at the border or at emergency reception areas with little to no access to basic services and nearly half of them are children these
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kids are not fleeing the clashes between government forces and rebels but they're running away from being spun off of this conflict their escape in the raging battle between kurds and islamised militia for control of large areas of northern syria where these kurds live as this kurdish journalist explains. regions where the militia of the islamic state of iraq lies reside how free security because islamists begin to campaign against the kurds who are refusing to join their ranks ethnically cleansing. the town of the scene the ethnic cleansing operations begin on the twentieth of july when militants launched attacks against kurdish villages saying members of the kurdistan workers' party were hiding. al-qaeda linked groups are reportedly aiming to set up an islamicist area on islamist region in this particular area this anti kurdish push is going back to
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syrian rebels and they accuse the kurdish fighters of siding with the regime of syrian president bashar assad but that is an allegation that the kurds deny they say that they are neutral in this whole conflict that goes well beyond. it is. well i had here on r t the relentless floods that puts waves of russia's far east into a state of emergency will bring you more life stories from those who decided to stay put despite a dreadful forecast promising even heavier rains plus as the sentencing of whistleblower bradley manning looms washington is accused of trying to draw public attention away from the crimes the army private uncovered that more after a short break.
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do we speak your language as i think about the war not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. a little eternity of angola's stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit.
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welcome back this is our t. the judge in the court martial of u.s. army was the lower bradley manning is now considering what sentence to hand down earlier prosecutors demanded sixty years in jail for manning claiming he acted as determined insider in leaking of classified data by author david swanson believes that by prosecuting the whistleblower washington is simply trying to brush its own wrongdoing under the carpet. well much of what was leaked by bradley manning is still rather absurdly treated as classified during the trial despite its being public and its pub and its publication being the crime at issue is so the government of the united states is not openly investigating these these crimes and is in fact upset purely as far as i have been made aware by their being made public rather bradley manning was falsely depicted as a as
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a confused and troubled young man on able to think clearly when he when he acted a spellbinding yet terrifying well kato eruption has been caught on camera in japan so check out the amazing pictures of the mountain explosion which sent a thick layer of smoke and ash spewing across an entire city the videos on our website. and a flotilla of spanish fishing boats staged a protest in dispute of waters near gibraltar and then ask awaiting tensions between on that camera draped over the territory find out what sparked the animosity at r.t. dot com. state of emergency has been declared in several regions in russia's far east where floods that are forcing thousands of people out of their homes are expected to be worsened by more heavy rains the government's promising compensation for the damage and early estimates say costs are already nearing three hundred
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million dollars scott is in the stricken area where the painful consequences will be long felt after the water recedes. for many in russia's far east the misery continues homes uninhabitable lives turned upside down around thirty thousand people have seen their property submerged causing a logistical headache for authorities r.t. traveled with emergency crews as they conducted one patrol in the village of bella goody. this resident dismissing the chance to leave choosing to remain with her fifteen cats i will leave my pads and they don't evacuate cats wait we do take pets that's all you would do and i also wanted my books in my records to be rescued no sorry there is just no room for books well there is no point buy new ones once it's over so i'm here to the beater and. the emergency services work isn't restricted to aiding just humans these bears were tricky customers because at least
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now enjoy dry land after days in this half submerged cage. we feed these bears twice a day in the morning and in the evening we've got fodder for them at the moment rescuers efforts are relentless there's no rest bite but there are fears the situation could deteriorate we expect things to get a bit worse right now it depends on how much excess water they're going to dump in their hydro power station local emergency crews are getting support not just from other regions and volunteers but also the military the defense ministry says almost five thousand personnel are in the region as well as seven hundred thirty military vehicles such as this which helps them get to even the remotest of regions they're also bloats planes and helicopters now it's not just accusations that have been concerning emergency services in recent weeks they've also been reinforcing people's properties and the number of temporary manmade dams have also sprung up including this one just outside the city of black investments with tentative
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reports suggesting water levels in some parts of the region have already peaked the some faint optimism the worst is over. once the water recedes the real extent of the damage will be revealed causing new an untold challenges to the hundreds of people affected here. the region and over in the philippines thousands face the same plight the monsoon and a tropical storm have brought massive flooding across the country claiming at least seven lives more than one hundred thirty thousand others have had to leave their homes to rental rain continues to batter the capital were flights have been cancelled in schools offices an embassy is closed more than half of manila is under water the national weather agency has issued its highest alert saying flood levels will rise. pakistan's former president pervez musharraf has been charged in connection with the two thousand and seven assassination of opposition leader and former prime minister benazir bhutto he denied the accusation when he appeared in
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court amid tight security which are returned from self-imposed exile earlier this year to run for office but and up under house arrest on a number of charges including bhutto's killing his trials been adjourned because of taliban threats against musharraf. well turkish prime minister claims israel has a hand in the coup that took place on the third of july in cairo. says they have evidence of tel aviv's involvement in the overthrow of egypt's former president morsi he also accuses the west in trying to grasp control of other countries' democracies are one sided an unnamed jewish intellectual he met in france two years ago who claimed the muslim brotherhood won't be in power even if it wins the election meanwhile the past week's turmoil in egypt has claimed almost a thousand lives both civilians and law enforcement with the latest attack seen twenty five policemen ambushed and executed the chaos in the country has raised fears that the violence in my breech egypt's borders but former israeli diplomat
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you are mad and heiresses tel aviv will stand by the military government in cairo. because it's preferable to an islamist to mock recy. and military regime in arab countries as betty that is and it is bad it's non-democratic it's dictatorial but it's much much much better then a regime which is terrorist inclined the muslim brotherhood has an agenda which transcends egypt it transcends in fact even the muslim world it's a terror organization which has few elements which are always also civilian in nature military click on the other hand has an agenda limited to egypt and therefore for the sake of regional stability for the sake of the world at large and for the sake of israel i believe it's much better to have a military regime rather than a muslim brotherhood regime in egypt. well just after the break abby martin looks
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add the reality of american israeli relations breaking the status coming your way in just a few minutes stay with us. you know people in moscow say they're like whoa websites and facebook groups about the childfree lifestyle which i didn't believe until i saw the cover for the aug twelfth copy of time magazine yes childfree is no real thing sadly basically these are people who have started a cool trend of not having children and using their time and resources completely for themselves you know if you don't want to have kids that is your business and i really couldn't change your mind even if i wanted to but there are people all over
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the internet who are just swimming in their own self-satisfaction like pigs in slop because they are part of the no kids trend the sickening part about this trend or should i see mentality is that these people glow in the door themselves for being too selfish to give their time and money to a child oh i'm the center of the universe and i'm proud of it. this is an extremely antisocial and destructive mentality to adore yourself for contributing nothing to anyone else nothing to society and nothing to the future but wait let me put it this way if your life is shopping wearing ironic t. shirts starbucks and texting on your i phone about your stupid feelings that maybe is for the greater good the church childfree but that's just my opinion.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i've got so many i mean family and sad to towns i know that i'm still really messed up. in the old story so closely. it's. worse for the little. white house chief of a. radio guy and for a minister of a click. i want to quote we're about to give you never seen anything like this until. the following folks i'm having martin in the breaking the set so president obama
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arrived in israel today what is now the most well documented trip the president has ever made along with a new mobile app that will let you track obama during his visit to the israeli government has helped local contacts that finally trademarks they need a relationship between the two countries this would be official logo of baraki and b.b. twenty thirteen as part of this big publicity stunt a bizarre video recently surfaced on the internet check out. something. thoroughly welcome president obama to express our appreciation for what is going through the fonds between the united states and israel are unbreakable and the commitment of the united states to the security of israel is something i want to. believe or not because this isn't a parody this was actually our.


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